May 2020 Newsletter & Updates

Hello Family and Friends,

We pray and hope all is well with everyone as we experience this pandemic. We pray you have His peace upon you in the midst of this transition to reopening. We have continued discipleship at The 180 Center in New Haven, and we are still serving breakfast and lunch to a small number of the homeless. Many of the homeless
have been moved to hotels, and the men’s shelter has been temporarily closed. We anticipate, as the economy begins to open again, for the homeless to reemerge and numbers to increase. We pray God protects you and your loved ones.

We have been working on the outside of the new building. We are so grateful for all who have prayed and given generously thus far! We shared on Feb 11th that our total donations were $90,000; we have now reached $105,000! We are making progress and moving forward. We are so thankful for God’s provision! (Check out the picture attached to the email)

At the end of March, the city had a virtual meeting with our engineer and attorney and we were able to get the FINAL approval SO WE CAN START TO GET PERMITS! Also, since we were required to hire an architect, we did a floor plan with all the new codes that are required. It is all very doable, but more then I was expecting. So just like the last letter, there are more unexpected fees and projects. Since working with the architect, and with many add-ons that the city requested, our estimate to complete the work has risen. You know, I recently told Ginny that if I had known how much work this would be, I would NEVER have done it! BUT that is really how everything that has been God’s plan for our lives has been. GOD knows everything involved with the new building, and His will is what will be accomplished. We are amazed and in awe at His faithful provision thus far!

With the money that has come in we have accomplished the following so far for Phase One:

  • A brand new roof
  • Trees and brush trimmed or removed
  • Alarm repaired with new cameras installed outside
  • Repaired lighting outside
  • New fencing and repairs
  • New heating and A/C unit
  • Demolition of walls and use of dumpsters
  • Paid the Engineer & Attorney in full
  • Paid the Architect partial for first phase
  • Painted the outside of the building

Things we still need to complete in Phase One for us to be able to move into the new building:

  • Plumbing fixtures and new water lines installed
  • Need new Thermal pane entrances (as per code) Although not done yet, someone has offered to cover the cost. Hallelujah!
  • Flooring & Painting inside
  • Make the existing bathroom handicap accessible
  • Add one more bathroom
  • Add outside ramp to make handicap accessible
  • Add a kitchen
  • More insulation for ceilings ( as per energy saving code)
  • Studding and insulating walls (as per energy saving code

Here are three ways you can help us:

  1. PRAY that ALL these needs get met so we can serve our city in a more effective way. Your prayers are powerful!!
  2. GIVE financially a tax deductible donation. 100% of your giving will go directly to the needs listed above.
  3. SERVE as a skilled laborer with the renovations.

Will you stand with us as we believe God hears our cries and will faithfully provide ALL that is needed? We need your prayers and appreciate your generosity! No amount is too small. Thank you!

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