June 2019 Newsletter & Updates

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you so much for your prayers and your giving! I have exciting news about how God answered your prayers for us. Thank you taking the time for reading this email update.

For those of you who have following our journey to a new building, we were in contract on a building down the block from The 180 Center with a purchase price of $520,000. Obviously, we didn’t have the money, but we were walking in faith. While that was going on, our community neighbors contacted the city and alderman with complaints about us hosting the warming center during the winter months. They asked the alderman to hold a town meeting at The 180 Center so they could share their grievances with us. We ended up having two meetings in which community citizens and leaders communicated their frustrations with us serving as a “homeless magnet” in the neighborhood! Some even shared their biggest complaint was that we welcomed anyone to walk through our doors and this was hurting their property values. Surprisingly, after our peaceful presence in the community for 7 years, they wanted us “off their block and out of their neighborhood.” At that time, I felt not to share with this group about our future plans of moving down the block to the building with which we were in contract, especially since it was so close to our present location!

Instead, I decided to have a cup of coffee with one of the city officials who attended the town meeting and lived in The 180 Center neighborhood. I shared with him about our future plans, and he was not happy! However, he told me that he might have a solution. He said there was a 7,000 sq. ft. building in a commercial area around the block that was available if I was interested. After checking it out, we met again and I was surprised to find the cost of the building was $1.00! Yes, the price was one dollar! Praise God!

A long story short, the building has some issues and definitely needs a lot of renovation so we are still in need of finances, but when we get past that part, we will have no mortgage or property taxes to pay! We are also in the process of changing the uses from zoning, but we are praying for God’s favor!

We have about a third of the finances we will need for this move because of the generous donations received after we shared in our first letter. Please pray about what your part will be; whether praying or giving, we are so grateful! We are excited and feel like God is laying out the red carpet for The 180 Center. He is so faithful to provide in His timing and His way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and feel free to share with others.

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