December 2023 Newsletter & Updates

What does it take to finish well? The apostle Paul compared his life to a race. As he neared the finish line, he expressed his satisfaction in 2 Timothy 4:7 by saying “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

As we come to the close of 2023, it’s important to us at The 180 Center to look back and remember the things we have experienced and learned this year. It helps us to renew our vision for a new year ahead.

As we do so, we begin by remembering the life of our brother Kurtis Kearney who passed away in November. A few weeks ago, we celebrated his life at a special memorial service organized by his family and friends at Bella Vista. Kurtis made The 180 Center his home church years ago and despite battling a difficult fight with diabetes, Kurtis bravely trusted God and pointed others to Him. At the memorial service, one by one, people shared about the courage Kurtis had in the midst of great suffering, always testifying about the goodness of God. Many described him as a hero. Everyone said the same thing: Kurtis kept the faith and finished well.

What does it mean to finish well? We can learn much about it from the Apostle Paul. With eternity in mind, Paul focused his life on investing in the lives of others through discipleship and missions. When he neared his death, Paul was confident he had fulfilled Christ’s call. As we review 2023, we are grateful that your support made it possible for The 180 Center to have this same focus and confidence.

In October, The 180 Center focused on missions by hosting our fall Community Care Day outreach. We were so blessed to have local churches helping us serve a barbecue lunch, offer clothes and hygiene bags, haircuts, and health check-ups to those experiencing homelessness. We also encouraged them to receive prayer from a team of faith-filled believers.

We praise God for the individuals and churches that served, gave, and prayed that day. Community Care Day was a great opportunity to shine His light!

Another missions opportunity awaited us in November. We were once again asked by the city of New Haven to serve as a Warming Center for the fall and winter. Can you believe our doors have been open every day this year for those experiencing homelessness? This has been an incredible opportunity to reach the lost! We praise God for teams and individuals coming in to share the Gospel, serve food, and pray for the homeless at the Warming Center. Thank you for making it possible for us to fulfill Christ’s mission.

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year with the disciples in the program as a church family at Hope Christian Church in North Haven. Your generosity enabled us this year to continue to provide an 18 month men’s residential Discipleship Program free to those with no income! Discipleship is a priority at The 180 Center from 8:00am-12:00pm every day. We could not do it without the 15 teachers that faithfully serve and teach Biblical foundational principles. We look forward to blessing the disciples and those in need at Christmas in so many ways with your generous giving to the Luke 14:14 Outreach. Thank you for making it possible for us to fulfill Christ’s call to make disciples!

Are you experiencing hardship? Perhaps 2023 has been a year of loss, physical hardship, or suffering for you. Eternity was the reason the apostle Paul was willing to endure the suffering and trials he faced. He knew the eternal destinies of many people hung in the balance. Do you want to finish well? Keep investing in the lives of other people, focus on fulfilling Christ’s mission, and live with eternity in mind.❤️

Needs For Phase 2:

  • Rear HVAC systems
  • Installation of two commercial steel exit doors
  • Fire sprinkler system
  • Electrical and plumbing (fixtures only)
  • Installation of drainage box in parking lot

Since our last newsletter, we have been saving up to go forward with the fire sprinkler system. We have received estimates and are in negotiation with a few companies as we write this. Not only does this involve sprinkler systems, but we also have to connect to a hydrant that is across the street from our building. This is quite costly, but we figured we would start to do this in stages, beginning inside then moving outside. PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD PROVIDES ABUNDANTLY!

Four Ways You Help The 180 Center:

SHARE about The 180 Center on social media! We are on Facebook and Twitter. Share our ❤ for those in need! Share about our 18 month program for men!

PRAY that God provides the labor and finances to complete the new building in His timing. Your prayers are powerful!

SERVE as a skilled laborer with the renovations. Contact us through email.

GIVE A donation towards our new building. Give online or by mail. Online giving is through this website (click ‘donate’ in the upper right hand corner).

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