August 2019 Newsletter & Updates

Dear Friends and Family,

It looks like God did a 180 for The 180 Center!

This letter is an update on the progress we are making towards moving into a new building! Remember how we were trusting God to provide over half of a million dollars so we could purchase a building that needed much renovation? Well, God turned us around and directed us to a different building with a purchase price of only one dollar! It also needs major renovation, but we have truly witnessed God’s faithfulness and provision with the purchase price.

Currently, the building we rent is 1,800 square feet; our new building is 7,000 square feet and next to a methadone clinic. That’s an ideal location for The 180 Center! God is awesome! We have faced obstacles on this journey, but God has removed many, and we know He’s not done yet! For zoning purposes, we have developed a floor plan and we are excited to say that it includes a residential area for the men in our program! Please pray the floor plan gets approved. The building needs renovation, so we are approaching the work in two phases.

Just to complete Phase 1, our estimated cost is $100,000 – $125,000. Our biggest expenses include a new roof and heating system, but we also have permits, surveys, attorney fees, and other expenses.

However, we believe Phase 1 will get us in the building sometime this fall. The great news is that through some generous gifts, we already have a good start! Isn’t God amazing? We are asking you to please pray for us! If you are part of a prayer group, please share our prayer requests.

Can you stand with us as we believe God hears our cries and will faithfully provide approval for zoning and ALL the finances that we need? We need your help and appreciate your generosity!

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