October 2019 Newsletter & Updates

Dear Friends and Family,

Here at The 180 Center we have been praying for God to bless you! We are also praising God for His amazing love and faithfulness.

I wanted to take time to update you on the building we purchased for one dollar! Last Wednesday, we closed on the building! Thank God! However, we did not yet get approval for a change in use from zoning.

We had a deadline to meet with filing our exemption for property taxes for the new tax year by November 1st. We learned that we are not exempt automatically, which means we are responsible for the taxes until the start of a new tax year in July of 2020. If we didn’t file on November 1st, we would have to wait till next November 2020 to file. This would have been an additional $10,000 for property taxes! So we made the decision to close before getting the okay for the change of use from zoning. It was a step of faith. We believe it was also a wise financial decision.

In September when we filed for zoning, they requested more information. This required us to hire an engineer, so our zoning meeting was pushed to October. The October meeting was canceled because the zoning board lacked the minimum amount of board members available to meet. We are confident that God goes before us as we will are scheduled to meet on November 12th for zoning approval. Still, we covet your prayers for this meeting! Please pray for good attendance for the board members and pray for favor for The 180 Center’s zoning requests to get approved.

As I shared in our last letter, the updates for phase one of this project would run approximately $100,000-$125,000 dollars. We reached about half of that amount so far! God is so faithful, and we are grateful for your generous giving.

Please pray that He provides the other portion that we need to get the building ready.

This week we started to clear the land of trees and bushes (no hiding places for trespassers), and we gave a deposit for the roof to get done sometime in the next two weeks. Plumbing and heating is the next big hurdle we need to accomplish.

We are asking you to pray for the ministry to receive all that we need to finish phase one so we can move in quickly and stop paying rent at our current location on Grand Avenue. We are also asking for referrals for skilled plumbers and carpenters who will treat us fairly and can help us move forward with these projects.

Please share our prayer requests and the vision we have with people who will indeed pray. We truly believe it is prayer that will gain us zoning approval and favorable estimates with skilled laborers. Can you stand with us as we believe God hears our cries and will faithfully provide ALL that is needed? We need your help and appreciate your generosity! No donation is too small. Thank you!

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