March 2022 Newsletter & Updates

God Is Faithful!

Hello Family and Friends,

Winter is behind us; Spring is finally here! However, in Connecticut, it takes a few weeks to begin to feel and look like Spring! I hope and pray that everyone is doing well and looking forward to celebrating Christ’s Resurrection.

This past month Ginny and I both had Covid; it was my second round, but Ginny’s first. Despite a few negative tests at home, Ginny’s PCR test came up positive and a few days later, my home test read the same. Fortunately, our cases were relatively mild compared to some of the stories we have heard. God was FAITHFUL to use The 180 Center leaders to minister while I missed a week there and two Sunday Gathering. It blessed us to see that God’s work does not depend on us, but on His Body at work.

We are thankful for the increase in traffic to The 180 Center since the mask mandate has been lifted and Covid cases are much lower. Our weekly eighteen volunteer pastors and leaders have been FAITHFUL to continue sharing God’s Word in their classes even when numbers are low! The school where Ginny works recently decided to donate all leftover lunch food to The 180 Center! We are grateful for each one that serves and gives.

Since our last update regarding our new building, we were able to install a fire alarm system minus the sprinkler system, which can wait till Phase Two. Originally, I assumed the whole fire system was part of Phase Two. As the story goes with shortages, we had to wait for much needed parts for the system that were on back order, but they finally arrived. We’ve waited weeks for the Fire Inspector and just today, the Fire Inspector came and approved us! Now we await the Building Inspector to give us the green light. We also ran into another issue in the rear of the building. The cement floor is in need of some repairs before we can finish building on it. Still, the repairs aren’t enough to keep us from moving in, once we get the approval of the Building Inspector. Because of this, the list of things to complete in our new building hasn’t changed much. Please continue praying!

Folks, most of the time as I step out in faith, there are obstacles that are inevitably always in my way. Whether those obstacles are back orders, delayed inspections, pandemics, or finances, I have learned one thing well.I need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and be FAITHFUL to what God calls me to do. I encourage myself daily with His Word. For those of you that are in a similar situation, I share two Scriptures that have blessed me and reminded me of God’s faithfulness: Romans 8:31, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” and Romans 8:28, “All things work together for your good.” Of course, I get discouraged at times and your words of support, cards sent, and FAITHFUL reminders that you’re praying are a huge blessing.

We serve a FAITHFUL GOOD, who will never fail us, leave us, or stop loving us! We thank Him for you and your faithfulness. As we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, may a renewed gratitude for our FAITHFUL GOD be yours. Happy Easter!

Four Ways You Can Help The 180 Center

  • SHARE: About The 180 Center on social media! We are on Facebook and Twitter. Share our heart for those in need! Share about our 18 month program for men! It’s free to men without income.
  • PRAY: That God provides the labor and finances to complete the new building in His timing. Your prayers are powerful!
  • SERVE: As a skilled laborer with the renovations. Contact us through email.
  • GIVE: A donation towards our new building.

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